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It seems like just 150 years ago that the first 2020 Democratic primary debates commenced, during which we learned which of the candidates speaks Spanish, that Marianne Williamson is a practitioner of political empathy, and people get real feisty when knowledgable women open their mouths.


As we go into the second set of debates, we have an even worse landscape to contend with: Trump is somehow being more overtly racist than usual (!), children remain caged at the border, Pelosi is waging combat against young women of color in Congress but acting like impeachment is absurd, and there are something like 647 years until the actual primary election. I’m psyched! Buckle up, and let’s chat about what in the hell is even happening on the stage in Detroit tonight, as the first night’s heroes, anti-heroes, and villains—all of whom are white thanks to a statistically weird lottery outcome—battle it out.

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