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Happy anniversary to the worst couple you know: Ivanka Trump and her haunted wax doll of a husband, Jared Kushner. As of Friday, the couple has been wed for an entire decade. Three kids and several entirely preventable global catastrophes later, they’re still committed to a little thing called love (and self-serving power grabs).


Ivanka wrote about their anniversary on Instagram, which is normal enough, but paired her wedding photos with a caption that can only be described as peak Ivankism, which is not normal:

You inspire me with your calm, stoic disposition and unwavering prioritization of that which matters most in life.



Here, Ivanka’s loving message to her husband rapidly morphs into one of the vapid corporate keynotes she defaults into when speaking about basically anything. These two truly deserve each other.

Still, at least we can marvel in this spooky, Halloween flavored anniversary content from Trump’s ghost bride:


Happy anniversary to the happily complicit couple.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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