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Cry time comes earlier every year!

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • Axios’s Jonathan Swan rejected the framing of this story a month ago when it was on Raw Story, and now it’s a bigger story on Vanity Fair with additional sources confirming the framing. So what’s the truth, man! Are Jared and Ivanka scheming against Mike Pence? Is this just a game of MASH featuring the moral monsters of the Trump administration? What an adventure! [Vanity Fair]
  • John Bolton—now a book boy. [Daily Beast]
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the Democratic Party to be good, even as the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee would like it to stay very bad. [NBC News]
  • Seems a little overdue but sure! [Washington Post]
  • Ayanna Pressley is going to submit a proposal calling for an impeachment inquiry of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. [Boston Globe]
  • Democratic Party leadership does not agree! [Politico]
  • States’ rights, baby! [New York Times]
  • Time 2 die (for me):

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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