Ivanka Trump Says She Is Not 'President of All Women's Issues'

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Ivanka Trump, women’s empowerment genius, has helpfully clarified that she’s not here to address all women’s issues, in case for some reason you thought that’s what she was doing?


In an interview with ABC News, Trump was asked how she reconciles her new initiative to help 50 million women achieve “economic empowerment” in the “developing world” by 2025 with how the Trump administration’s policies actually impact women. Notably, the child separation crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“My job as a member of this administration is not to share my viewpoint when they diverge,” said Trump. “But my role in this regard is not ‘President of All Women’s Issues’ or running all women’s issues across the United States government.”


“Do you wish that maybe you had spoken publicly to the American people?” asked ABC’s Abby Huntsman.

“I think that when you hear me start to speak publicly on an issue that’s active, it’s because my voice isn’t being heard privately,” Trump replied.

President Trump has credited his daughter with convincing him to “end” the administration’s child separation policy, but the child separation crisis is ongoing: the Trump administration admitted that thousands more children have been separated from their parents than previously thought, and they’ve decided that, at this point, the reunification process in the crisis they created may be too time consuming.

Thank you, Ivanka.

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And here’s Ivanka getting peer pressured into saying Melania is her role model: