Holy Shit, Sarah Huckabee Sanders Is Out

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the devil in Ann Taylor, is leaving the White House.

President Trump announced Sanders’s departure on Thursday:

Sanders, whose father is the former governor of Arkansas (and apparently a Korn fan), has reportedly floated the idea of running for governor in private conversations in recent weeks. But don’t panic yet: Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, who is also terrible, was just re-elected for a second term last year, meaning if there’s any truth to this rumor than Sanders won’t be on a ballot until 2022.


Sanders’s tenure as press secretary has been an absolute nightmare, obviously. Where to begin? Her petulant combativeness with the White House press pool? Her tendency to lie? Her infrequent public appearances? The last White House press briefing was in March; before that, January.

Whether or not the American people will get to enjoy one last press conference with Sanders is unclear, so it’s time to pour one out for that smokey eye before she becomes another distant memory of this accursed timeline.

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