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Gang of Four has dedicated their new EP “Complicit” to someone very, very special.


Pitchfork reports that the band has made her the literal poster girl for the entire concept with their album art and a track called “Ivanka (Things You Can’t Have).” They released a statement on the song’s meaning, in case you don’t get it:

When we think of “the media,” everyone has lots of ideas about what we mean. It could be social media, where hundreds of memes criss-cross the world; informing, misinforming, beginning or reinforcing ideas that may last a lifetime and beyond. Ideas about Jews, Muslims, or, say, the world trade centre or perhaps, the criminality of certain American politicians. And then there is the receding traditional media with disappearing jobs like “journalists” and “fact checkers.” That’s the media the Trump family despise.


I wonder if punk phase Ivanka would have bought it.

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