Watch Jeb Bush's Soul Leave His Body After He Promises to 'Whup' Hillary Clinton

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In our awe at the cultural savvy of overinflated piss-blimp Donald Trump at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s candidate forum on Thursday, we somehow missed this other beautiful moment, starring Gob Bush, living monogram/“caged tiger”/breeder puppy with indigestion who has been asked to do too many tricks.


Here: watch a candidate currently polling at around 3 percent promise he will take the GOP nomination to Hillary Clinton (a candidate currently polling at 58 percent) and “whup her.” Then watch those 21 grams drift quietly out his beleaguered earholes as he realizes what he’s done.


Updated: Here’s the full footage in not great quality, where you can hear that the “boo level” in the above Vine is edited (by the comedic video editor @ToddDracula, as shown on the watermark).

Image via screengrab/Vine

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Damn “fremdschämen”.

I can’t stop wincing.