It's Good to Believe In Yourself, Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush: a man who’s going to ride this thing all the way to the top, says Jeb Bush. A man whose raw, potent, energy would be coiled up “like a caged tiger” in a Senate job, but who’s about to unleash his might and vigor all over this Republican nomination.

Which is to say: it’s good to believe in yourself, Governor Bush. That’s good.

On Tuesday, Jeb said he’d be ill-suited for a job in the United States Senate: “I would be like a caged tiger. I’d go nuts. All talk and no action, particularly now. It would drive me totally nuts.” Yes. A man known for his bold and decisive way with a red pen would be ill-suited to sitting at a different desk, using a different pen.


No, the job for Jeb is President, and he’s pretty sure he’s got this thing on lock, telling CNN he’s going to best Trump and everybody else, you wait:

“I can become president [and] I have the skills to do it,” he said. “I am confident that I am going to win the Republican nomination. People are going to look at who has the skills, the talent, the heart and the spine.”

“I can beat Hillary Clinton.”

Yes. Well. It’s good... it’s good to have a strong sense of self, faith in one’s abilities. That kind of thing. It could certainly happen. A few more debate performances hailed as “steady,” a few more substantial cutbacks to your campaign team and traveling schedule, you’ve got this thing.

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Bush visits the Salvation Army, Greenville South Carolina, November 24, 2015. Photo via AP Images

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