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Donald Trump gave his Big Fun Game Show of Doom speech on Tuesday night, which necessitated him spending some time in the presence of Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi, as you might recall, recently presided over the House vote to impeach Trump. For some reason, it seems these two are not currently friends.

It all started when Trump made his way through the House Chamber to the podium, and Pelosi extended her hand to him. He didn’t shake it! Zing!

Then, Pelosi, tasked with intro-ing Trump, cut out the traditional line, “I have the high privilege and distinct honor of...” Double zing!


And finally, just after Trump spent an hour or so spewing some absolute bullshit about how everyone’s off food stamps now (not, uh, by choice?), slobbering over Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Rush Limbaugh, and doing Game Show Host with military families, Pelosi ripped up the text of his speech.

What’s up, guys? Is something going on? Do you need to talk? LMK.

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