Melania Helps Capitalism Be Best

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Image: AP

Be Best, the nebulous (anti-bullying? anti-opioids? anti-vaping?) initiative by First Lady Melania Trump that at least one of her friends deemed “illiterate,” isn’t just for kids anymore. On Monday, the motivational slogan was emblazoned in Black Mirror splendor over several screens at the New York Stock Exchange, where Trump rang the opening bell. Now finance bros get to Be Best, too.


Trump visited the NYSE with a group of third and fourth graders from the United Nations International School, a collaboration that angered several UNIS parents just last week. But the controversy didn’t appear to temper interest, and Trump got the United Colors of Benetton photo op that her team surely craved:

And perhaps this is the inspiration that the incredibly brave men and women who work the stock market need during these increasingly rocky economic times: a strange mantra written in childish handwriting. As someone who personally feels cyberbullied by capitalism on a regular basis, the Be Best initiative seems somewhat contradictory, but I have faith that Melania Trump knows what she’s doing!

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Hey, she almost has an expression there! “Ah, this is where cold hard filthy lucre I sold my soul and dignity for come from!”