In Memoriam: All The Democratic Presidential Candidates We Lost This Year

Looking at the crowded stage of Democratic candidates for President, it can be difficult to remember that even more people were once gunning for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

Here’s your handy guide to all the candidates we lost in 2019, from frontrunners like Kamala Harris to forgettable challengers like John Delaneywho will leave you saying, “Oh yeah, that guy”—to the people like Seth Moulton, who you never knew was running in the first place.


Now that they can’t be president, they must go back to their humble lives as moderately to super wealthy members of #Resistance Twitter. Thoughts and prayers.

producer, jezebel

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How could you forget Eric Swalwell (torch not passed)?

There was also Richard Ojeda and Mike Gravel, but they never really ran.