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Rudy Giuliani has covid, at least that’s what Donald Trump says. The outgoing president announced his personal attorney’s alleged covid status via Twitter on Sunday afternoon, The New York Times reports.

“[Rudy Giuliani] has tested positive for [covid-19],” he tweeted. “Get better soon, Rudy. We will carry on!”

The former mayor of New York City, who has been leading the Trump administration’s thus far unsuccessful legal efforts to flip the results of November’s presidential election, has not confirmed the news at press time. A look at his personal Twitter page reveals that he has neither tweeted nor liked a tweet since Friday. So, all we’ve got to go on is Trump’s word, which is...dubious at best.


If Giuliani does have covid, though, a whole lot of people must be pretty worried right now! The guy spent the better part of the past week maskless in a bunch of different closed rooms with a bunch of different state lawmakers, first in Michigan for that disastrous hearing about all the alleged voter fraud that area updo enthusiast Melissa Carone claims to have witnessed on election night and then most recently on Thursday with legislators in Georgia, NBC News reports.

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He won’t die, they never die. Covid19 should have taken many horrible people, yet it didn’t. It will be the same for him. I hope that he suffers at least.

Of course it took my neighbor that was a very nice person and lived an honest life. I guess he was just not evil enough.