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In recent weeks, Melania Trump has gone into the wilderness and built an erotic tennis pavilion on White House grounds. What she has not done is comment on the escalating impeachment inquiry into her husband. This could be a well-considered public relations strategy—or could mean she does not know it’s happening in the first place and someone should tell her!


Per People, which reported on a recent event she attended:

What she did not want to talk about, it seems, was the impeachment inquiry into her husband, President Donald Trump.

According to reporters at the event, she was asked at one point at the Capitol, after leaving the event, “How is the impeachment inquiry affecting you and your family?”

She did not answer — though her husband, 73, has had many things to say, including this week controversially comparing the investigation to a “lynching.”


So does she know it’s happening? Maybe not!

Senior reporter, Jezebel

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