Wow Guys, Did You Hear It Is Snowing in New Hampshire?

Ellie Shechet & Joanna Rothkopf

It is snowing in New Hampshire. Like, so hard.

Hello again, it’s Ellie and Joanna! We’re staked out in a very adequate hotel in Manchester, NH, and I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it is dumping snow. It started this morning before we woke up, and it is not showing any signs of stopping! Let’s just say our anti-lock brakes have been working overtime, if you know what I mean.


Here’s some proof:

This weather poses a slight problem for the 11 men and women running for president. In just four days, residents of the state of New Hampshire will vote in their first-in-the-nation primary, which will grant a few candidates some delegates in their parties’ respective conventions and give them an extra boost moving into Nevada and South Carolina. New Hampshire is also an opportunity for candidates that appeal to a less religious base to win some points with the hard-scrabble, judicious people of the Granite state. If the state’s roads are coated in several feet of snow, not only will it greatly increase the inconvenience involved in voting for a candidate one doesn’t really care about; it will also make those final town halls that much harder to attend.


Being able to tolerate and/or identify snow is, it seems, something that New Hampshirites really respect in a candidate. And look at all these weather-passionate politicians!


Trump, on the other hand, had to reschedule a Friday event due to the snow (did you hear it is snowing?), which feels very New York-privileged of him.


Will Fiorina, Bush, Cruz, or Rubio acknowledge that it is snowing? Will a Democrat? Only time will tell.


Addendum: Is Ben Carson’s picture snow or sand? If the latter, is he bragging about being in Florida getting fresh clothes? And, will this jab hurt his chances in New Hampshire?

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