At least one Trump rally attendee has been uninterested in “heil”-ing Trump. His name is Dog, he is now famous on the Internet, and I don’t want to speak for Dog because I don’t actually know him personally, but I’m pretty sure he’d like everyone to butt the F out of his business!

Dog, whose actual name I do not know, is having a hell of a week. First, a scary man with a straw head attachment dragged him to a big room crowded with large humans who smelled of fear, rage, and stale gunpowder; then, Dog’s tiny paw was twisted into a public demonstration of support for a candidate he clearly did not believe in during a pledge that honestly reminded Dog a lot of the early 1930s!

CNN recently did an entire segment on Dog, which I’m sure he appreciates very much; Dog is also probably wondering, though, why CNN is so hell-bent on re-traumatizing him?

Here’s a vine via Politico, which Dog also is probably so upset about:


Real nice, guys. Real nice of you to cash in on a Dog’s lowest moment.

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Image via screengrab/CNN.