A demonstrator at Trump Tower in New York City with a sign I’m frankly jealous of. Photo courtesy of AllOfUs2016

At rallies across the United States today, women will call for GOP leaders to un-endorse Donald Trump and reject his racist, xenophobic, pussy-grabbing rhetoric. In New York, protesters dressed in black amassed outside Trump Tower early this morning, shouting, “GOP, hands off me!” and “Donald thinks he runs this town, pussy came to shut it down!”

According to a press release from the organizers of the New York event— a diverse group of local activists—the protest was a call for “all women to reject both the Republican nominee and the Republican Party.” Demonstrators used the hashtag #GOPHandsOffMe, and they have some really good signs:


A Philly protester maintains that Trump gives her yeast infections, which, you know what? Plausible.

And Chicago reminds Trump to keep his disturbing little doll hands to himself, while urging women to grab him “by the polls.”


Protests are also planned today in Washington D.C., Boston, Denver, Seattle and Oakland. Meanwhile, Trump is continuing to claim that “voter fraud” and a rigged media will steal the election from him, and that all those women—no matter how many of them come forward—are lying.