Woman With Her Own TV Show Rails Against Censorship

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After her attempt to bully teenage survivors of gun violence backfired, Fox News host Laura Ingraham has taken up a new cause: fighting the “Stalinist” left that tramples on the free speech of conservatives like her—you know, people with hour-long cable news shows for which they are paid millions of dollars.

Ingraham, returning from vacation after mocking Parkland activist David Hogg’s college admissions results, used her Monday time slot to announce a vendetta against “left wing retaliatory hit squads” who “aim to silence conservatives.” Conveniently, she did not mention her advertisers, who withdrew financial backing from her program over her comments because that’s how capitalism works.


Instead, while speaking on her own, uncensored show, for which she is paid millions of dollars, she argued that the left is threatening conservatives’ right to free speech. While literally name-calling her so-called bullies, she warned how words like “safe spaces,” “micro-aggression” and “white privilege” are leading to “demonization and silencing” in America.

“Their efforts are Stalinist,” she said. “We will never relent and we will never give in.”

Perhaps she will have more to say on the subject of the silencing of conservatives tomorrow night when she will be, again, paid millions of dollars to speak.

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