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What a year it’s been for Megyn Kelly! The former Fox News TV personality—who once stated that Santa Claus is white because he “just is,” who downplayed the impact of the racist emails of the Ferguson Police Department, who supported Donald Trump’s anti-immigrant comments and Anne Coulter’s book, and who demanded “evidence” that Mike Brown and Eric Garners’s deaths had “anything to do with race”—has escaped her history of racism and turned into an icon after she shut down Donald Trump’s sexist attacks against her and spoke up about a culture of misogyny at Fox News. Now she’s heading to NBC, where she is reportedly getting her own morning talk show and Sunday night news program.


She also appears to be on the shortlist of journalists who could score an interview with human fistula Vladimir Putin, the Russian world leader alleged by US intelligence agencies to have interfered with the US election to help Trump win. Page Six reports that NBC News chairman Andy Lack is in Russia trying to secure the interview. “It is not clear who would do the Putin interview. News chiefs decide based on who would be best for the job. This isn’t Megyn’s interview—yet,” said one unnamed source.

What will they discuss? Putin’s bearish strength? The particular reasons he hates Hillary Clinton (and whether or not Benghazi or the emails have anything to do with that because if they do, well, Kelly and other Americans can empathize)? If recent media coverage of this administration is any indication, this interview could be a great opportunity for journalists to humanize Putin, a man who would be so, so admired if he weren’t so deeply misunderstood.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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