Will Melania Ever Hold Donald's Stubby Hand Again?

Congratulations are in order for Donald Trump, who has thus far handled his big international trip like a real big boy. He’s shown an openness to engage with different cultures (like when he touched that glowing orb and stuck his hand into that magic wall), and has only had to cancel excursions so that he could nap a couple of times.


On Tuesday, Donald arrived in Rome, where he is set to meet with Pope Francis in the first meeting between the head of the Church and a potato. But before he could get to his official activities, Trump had a staircase to best. In the video above, you’ll see Donald reach for Melania Trump’s hand, and then you’ll see Melania quickly snatch it away, leaving her husband to walk down the steps without assistance.

It’s the second time in as many days that Melania has publicly rebuffed Donald’s attempts at intimacy, or physical stability, though I’m sure in private the number is much, much higher.

Senior Editor, Jezebel


A Classy Thomas Newman score

Phew, thank god we don’t have that accomplished gracious black lady deplaning Air Force One dressed in shorts, according to my conservative relative, that was directly a part of Obama humiliating us on the world’s stage. I’m not sure how this FOX News wet dream of a presidency ends, but it will be bizarre and awful for sure.