Why Won't Carly Fiorina Say the Word 'Vagina'?

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On Tuesday, aspiring politician Carly Fiorina criticized Iowa radio host Steve Deace for saying that she had gone “full vagina” in the most recent Republican debate. Fiorina was so appalled, however, that she couldn’t even bring herself to say the word. Vagina. She couldn’t say it. Why?


“By the way, I’ve now been called the V-word as well by the Cruz campaign. Yes, V, and I won’t say that word either,” she said in the interview, according to BuzzFeed. “But suffices to say, V as in victor, when I told my story, my American dream story of my life, a prominent member of the Cruz campaign said that I had gone full V-word. The point he said I was playing the gender card just because I told my story.”

That is sexist and grotesque of Deace to say, of course. But Carly, why won’t you say vagina? Are you in middle school? Do you call your elbow your E-word? Can you literally not pronounce it? Have you never seen one, even your own? Do you think it has evil power like Voldemort? Did you forget what it was called?


Deace has since apologized, tweeting, “@Amydeace tells me while on point about Carly and gender card I was too vulgar and need to apologize And my wife is ALWAYS right. So I do.”

No word as of yet about why Carly won’t say vagina.

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i’ve known adult women who wouldn’t say “vagina” or “sex.”