White House Memo Describes MS-13 Members As 'Animals' 10 Times, in Case You Didn't Get It the First Time

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Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • A press release from the White House issued today features sentences like “Too many innocent Americans have fallen victim to the unthinkable violence of MS-13’s animals” and “in Maryland, MS-13’s animals are accused of stabbing a man more than 100 times and then decapitating him” and “President Trump’s entire Administration is working tirelessly to bring these violent animals to justice.” Certainly, if “justice” means using a racially coded term over and over and over again, that is what Trump’s administration is doing.
  • The Supreme Court’s battle on behalf of corporate America continues apace, with the latest ruling allowing corporations to prevent workers from participating in class action lawsuits. [New York Times]
  • Don Blankenship is back, baby! This coal daddy is not going to back down! [New York Times]
  • A U.S. official says that Rudy Giuliani “entirely made up” his claim that Robert Mueller plans to wrap up his investigation by September 1. Imagine that. [Reuters]
  • Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam is allowing a sanctuary cities bill to become law that would mandate local compliance with ICE. He did not sign the bill, but also did not veto it, setting a truly courageous example for public servants everywhere. [Tennessean]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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We now know that Brennan had detailed knowledge of the (phony) Dossier.

Why won’t he let it go? As far as I know nobody gives a shit about the pee pee tapes or the Dossier anymore. We are much more interested in Collusion with Russia (which he may not have known about, but definitely happened) and Obstruction of Justice (which he does on a daily basis).

The Wall Street Journal asks, “WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS BARACK OBAMA?” A very good question!

If you are talking about during the election, he was investigating Russian interference, and how they were using social media to help you out. He kept it on the down low to avoid effecting the election, which was not a concern of Comey or anyone else.

If you are talking post election, he was a lame duck he is not expected to do anything other than turn over the country to your tiny, tiny hands.

My question for you is, WTF have you been doing about it other than complaining on Twitter?