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Love is decidedly not in the air at the White House—mere days after Vanessa Trump ripped out Donald Trump, Jr.’s lion-killing heart and fed it to her attorney, it’s been revealed that the wife of Dan Scavino, Trump’s assistant and Twitter enabler, filed for divorce in January. On the bright side, Don Jr. has someone to watch A Night at the Roxbury with on repeat until the pain goes away.

According to the Huffington Post, Jennifer Scavino filed for in Dutchess County, New York, in January. She and Dan Scavino have been married since September 2000 and have two children. The cause of divorce is not clear.


Scavino, who in addition to his role as Trump’s assistant, acts as the White House social media director, has been with Team Trump since 1990, when he started working as Trump’s caddie. Over the decades, Scavino’s shot up in the ranks, but he had his true 15 minutes of fame in July 2016, when he tweeted from Trump’s account a meme of Hillary Clinton’s face superimposed over piles of cash, with a six-pointed star emblazoned with the caption, “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever.”

Folks quickly pointed out that the tweet, which has since been deleted, featured a whole bunch of anti-Semitic imagery, not the least of which was the Star of David-seeming star. Scavino defended the meme, claiming it couldn’t possibly be anti-Semitic, because his wife’s Jewish family let him celebrate Rosh Hashanah with them or something:

Unfortunately, it appears Scavino will no longer be able to use that excuse, and will instead have to rely on Roy Moore’s attorney to earn points with members of the Tribe. The good news is, Don Jr.’s also single and breakups have strength in numbers, though I do weep for Washington, D.C.’s bar scene.