Which Mattress Startup Will Sponsor Rudy Giuliani's New Podcast?

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Rudy Giuliani—when he isn’t melting down on Fox News, wailing with rage on the phone with reporters, and going on spittle-flecked rants over the fact that he might be fucked over his central role in the current impeachment mess—has been telling friends at his beloved cigar bar that he has a new career in mind. Apparently, Rudy wants to get into podcasting!

According to Page Six:

The former mayor was at the stogie spot amid hubbub over his boss’s impeachment, telling pals loudly that he’s launching a new podcast.

President Trump’s personal lawyer was spotted at the Grand Havana Room at 666 Fifth Ave. “holding court with a big crew. Huge smile on his face, laughing. You could literally see CNN and Fox News on the TVs behind him as everything was unfolding,” said a witness.


“He was announcing to everyone he is launching a new podcast! He was shouting it to the world,” a source told PageSix.

We can’t wait to listen to Giuliani talk about how SimpliSafe gives him incredible peace of mind and how much he loves his new Casper mattress.

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chocolate covered raisons d'être

He can call it “True Crime In Real Time With Rudy!”