Would it make you like him more or less?

Former Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee stole our hearts during Tuesday evening’s Democratic debate as a wholly unelectable, charmingly unprepared bird of a man.

He had a number of rough moments over the course of the evening (and not much else), like when he justified his Glass-Steagall vote with the info that he didn’t really know how to be a senator at the time, or when he condemned Hillary Clinton for her private email server and she flat-out ignored him and people applauded and laughed.

I think if you, like me, love Chafee as a man and an ostrich (but not as a politician, God no), you’re probably feeling a little down today. But you know what I bet could turn your frown into a sweet, small, moist smile? Pictures of autumnal objects and scenes with Chafee’s signature center-part.

Here are a few:


A spooky Jack-O-Lantern rendered soft.

Scarecrow? More like friend-crow.


One of these would really hit the spot.

Gronk, an American icon, somehow better.


A sumptuous Thanksgiving Turkee.

Love to leaf peep when the time is right.


A delicious pumpkin-flavored beverage.

A beautiful American family.

Feeling better yet? I am :).

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Images via AP and Shutterstock.