What Time Will the President and Former Vice President Hold Their Push-Up Contest?

Image: AP

As you know, the president of the United States and the former vice president of the United States very much want to fight each other. Now, they may also have a push-up contest to determine their comparative virility and mental fitness.

On Tuesday morning, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Joe Biden, who is 76, how he would respond if President Trump, who is 73, commented on his age.


“I’d say, ‘C’mon Donald, c’mon man. How many push-ups do you want to do here, pal?’” Biden replied. “I mean, jokingly... C’mon, run with me, man.”

What time will the president and former vice president hold their push-up contest? Jezebel has reached out for comment and will update this post when we confirm the time.

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