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Michael Bloomberg—or “Mike” per his rebrand, now that He’s Running—is using his own many billions of dollars to fund his campaign and therefore didn’t qualify for Sunday night’s debate. But for a minute it seemed that either the staffers running the Team Bloomberg official campaign Twitter account decided to go rogue during the debate, or the account got hacked by the Mike Gravel teens, or El Bloombito was finally seeking revenge, which would have made for at least some distraction from all the people fighting onstage and also Wolf Blitzer.


Sadly, it turns out we’re all just getting tricked into paying attention to the Team Bloomberg official campaign Twitter account, because this is 2020, baby, and we’re in hell!



There was some initial confusion over whether or not this was real, particularly after a California 4 Bloomberg account suggested the campaign account had been hacked. It was not hacked. A spokesperson for the Bloomberg campaign told Jezebel in an email response to our URGENT PRESS INQUIRY: “Our social team is trying something fun tonight.”


Back to our regularly scheduled programming, I guess.

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