What Demographic of American People Will Hillary Try to Appease With Her VP Pick?

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On Tuesday, the Associated Press reported that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had entered a “more intense” phase of picking out her running mate.


Her options (or at least the options the AP learned about—there are likely more) are all fine, and all represent a different chunk of America she’s working to win over: Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (the Bernie progressive vote), Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro (the Latinx vote), and Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine (the white male vote, and the Virginia vote).

From the AP:

A small group of Clinton campaign confidants has been sifting through publicly available information about more than two dozen possible contenders for more than a month. But with Democratic primary voting wrapping up last week, the list has been culled significantly and the campaign has begun contacting those under consideration...

A handful of other Democrats are also said to be under consideration, though the full list is being closely guarded by the Clinton campaign. Longtime Clinton allies John Podesta and Cheryl Mills are overseeing the search and few people beyond them are believed to know the full list of candidates being vetted.


Bernie Sanders is reportedly not on the list.

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Also, Corey Booker. It would be a LOT easier for me to cast a ballot for her if he was on the ticket. I know the beltway wisdom is that Clinton has the Black vote locked up but not this Black vote (this Black vote is super offended by her pandering). Booker really is the real deal, in my opinion when it comes to on the ground, people-first politiking and I think he would have broad appeal with the progressive types because of that.