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Barf BagWelcome to Barf Bag, a daily politics roundup to help you sort through the chaotic Trumpian news cycle.

Little known fact, Barf Bag was named after Belle Époque bag-barfing billionaire Barfolomew Bag.

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • A bunch of people on Twitter are making fun of a photo of Melania Trump taken at a White House garden event last September:
  • Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell told reporters that he continues to stand behind the President’s efforts to build a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border. “I support what the president is trying to do on the wall. Most of my [Republican] members [of the Senate] do as well,” he said. (Politico)
  • New York gubernatorial hopeful Cynthia Nixon trails current governor Andrew Cuomo 29 to 60. Classic Miranda! (New York Post)
  • Education Secrety Betsy DeVos has proposed some new rules that would make it harder for students defrauded by for-profit colleges to qualify for relief on federal loans. Flames! On the side of my face! Breathing…Heaving breaths! (ABC News)
  • Trump is shutting down efforts to expand Medicaid until after the midterm elections this November. (New York Times)

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


This has been Barf Bag.

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