What a Shame, Someone Vandalized Donald Trump's Walk Of Fame Star Again

Photo Credit: Getty Images
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Well shit, what do you know! Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk Of Fame star, vandalized once in October 2016, has been tampered with anew. Somebody must not like him—whoever could that solitary person be?


As The Hill reports, the star was vandalized with magic marker at some point over the weekend. The rebel with a cause left a simple, but compelling message: “Fuck Trump.” Indeed.

Comparatively, this was a small-scale effort. In October, James Lambert Otis used both pickaxe and sledgehammer to utterly decimate the star; it had to be replaced as a result. This time some unlucky individual will likely be tasked with scrubbing the shameful emblem clean (oh, the symbolism).

Trump was awarded this star in 2007 for “his producer job for his Miss Universe shows,” when The Apprentice was at the apex of its popularity. In other words, it’s just one more honor that he doesn’t deserve.



I’m opposed to vandalism and violence, but I believe this fits into the same category as “Always punch a Nazi.” 🌟🔨