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In all the hubbub surrounding Sunday night’s upsettingly nasty presidential debate, we missed an important election milestone: Tim Kaine learned “millennial slang” with YouTube star Tyler Oakley. Yas.

In a segment from The Tyler Oakley Show, a weekly show on the Ellen Digital Network, Oakley got things started with a hard-hitting question: “You have a little nickname on the internet, ‘America’s stepdad’? What’s your response to that?”

“Well, I didn’t even know dad jokes were a thing—” Kaine began.

“That is the most dad thing of all!” Oakley crowed.

Afterwards, Oakley grilled Kaine on a number of “slang” terms—“on fleek,” (“I think it’s like, ‘on point,’” Oakley explained), “bae” (“b-a-e, bae!” Kaine replied), “yas” (“yaaas!” Kaine demonstrated), “squad goals” (“‘Squad’ would be like, who’s your crew?” Kaine ventured).


Nope, nope, nope! But at least we got a good #tbt:


Okay, fine!

Watch the whole segment below: