Well This Is a Truly Deranged Ad From 'Moms for Kavanaugh'

Here’s a not at all extremely intense or insane ad put out by an organization called Catholic Vote in support of Brett Kavanaugh.

In the video, mothers bathe baby boys in the sink. They pat their heads. They watch them swing on swings. These babies grow to become fine boys, who rake leaves virtuously. Then, men who chop wood, also virtuously. Men who fight fires. Men who do manly things. Virtue. Honor. Valor. Courage. (Oddly, there are no montages of working out at Tobin’s, collecting money for Beach Week, or drinking “skis” at Timmy’s.)

All of this is contrasted with a horrifying scene of women protesting Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation and followed by a now-familiar warning: “If it can happen to him...”

These men are good men. Many manly men do manly things, but never rape, only honorable things. If you are a man and came from a mother’s womb, you are not capable of rape. Because mothers. Because God. Because men good.

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