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The House Committee on Science, Space & Technology, eager, as ever, to get on with the business of burning humanity to a medium-well crisp, went ahead and retweeted an article from our government’s beloved new intellectual overlords at

Just to note, it is December 1 and was 57 degrees today in Washington, D.C. The Southeastern U.S. is on fire, and the Great Barrier Reef is dying. This just happened. Here are some scary things actual scientists have said recently. Here’s a letter from 2,300 American scientists (including 22 Nobel Prize winners) to Donald Trump, begging him to respect scientific fact. But you know what, let’s make some space for the incoherent words of a man who knows better:

The last three years may eventually come to be seen as the final death rattle of the global warming scare. Thanks what’s now recognised as an unusually strong El Nino, global temperatures were driven to sufficiently high levels to revive the alarmist narrative – after an unhelpful pause period of nearly 20 years – that the world had got hotter than ever before.


Nice to hear that all is copacetic over in the Berghof, though.

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