We Went 6 Months Deep with Amy Goodman, Aparna Nancherla, and Erika Andiola

Photo by Elisa Quero.
Photo by Elisa Quero.

This month marks 70-year-old candy corn Donald Trump’s six-month mark in office, and for the occasion we decided to throw him a biannual review.

On Wednesday evening at the Bell House in Brooklyn, Big Time Dicks hosted our first-ever podcast event where we did it all completely live—complete with jokes, spontaneous moments, laughs, awkward transitions, and me starting the whole show by saying, “Welcome so much!”—a fact which I learned upon listening to the podcast on Thursday afternoon and from which I’ll likely never recover!

We were joined by an excellent panel of guests—comedian Aparna Nancherla, Democracy Now! host and executive producer Amy Goodman, and immigration activist and former Bernie Sanders press secretary Erika Andiola—who were blessedly tolerant of the excessive dick imagery throughout the evening (we were introduced by GMG’s Victor Jeffreys wearing a body-sized penis costume and served drinks called “A Stiff One”).

During the evening we spoke about how the media, activism, and comedy communities are adjusting to the age of Trump, and what to do going forward. Listen to a full recording of the evening above, and look out for video of the event, which we’ll publish on the site next week.


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A surefire way to get me to start listening to a podcast is to have Aparna Nancherla on as a guest.