We Need to Talk About How Much Kyrsten Sinema Sucks

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On Friday, Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema and a handful of other Democrats voted to kill an amendment that would have added a provision to the covid-19 relief bill to slowly raise the federal minimum wage to $15/hour, a major promise the Democratic Party made to voters during the 2020 elections.


Sinema wasn’t the only one who voted against the $15/hour minimum wage, but to add extreme insult to injury, Sinema appeared to take a special glee in casting her “no” vote:

Tracy Flick would like a word!

As if Sinema’s vote and the pep in her step weren’t clear enough, in a statement, she justified her vote to not include the $15/hour wage hike in the covid-19 relief bill by claiming that while she “know[s] the difference better wages can make” and supported Arizona’s move to gradually raise the minimum wage to $12/hour in 2016, she believes that “the Senate should hold an open debate and amendment process on raising the minimum wage, separated from the COVID-focused reconciliation bill.”

Why exactly she believes that’s the way to go isn’t clear. One can guess that she wants to give the effort some sort of fake bipartisan gloss, but why? As the 2016 vote to raise the state’s minimum wage to $12/hour showed, voters in the state really, really like the idea of not making poverty wages, a reality that her fellow Arizona Democrat Mark Kelly seemed to be well aware of when he voted “yes” on Friday.


But it’s not just on raising the minimum wage to $15/hour where Sinema is at odds with many of her Democratic colleagues. Take her stance on keeping the filibuster, which she has made very, very clear in recent weeks, as has West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin. As Sinema wrote in an email defending her view that the filibuster is necessary despite the Republican Party’s grim commitment to blocking any and all legislation proposed by Democrats from passing, she believes that “debate on bills should be a bipartisan process that takes into account the views of all Americans, not just those of one political party.” She continued, “Regardless of the party in control of the Senate, respecting the opinions of senators from the minority party will result in better, common-sense legislation. My position remains exactly the same now that I serve in the majority. While eliminating the filibuster may result in some short-term legislative gains, it would deepen partisan divisions and sacrifice the long-term health of our government.”

What Sinema is choosing to conveniently ignore here, under the guise of a plea for bipartisanship, is that Republicans quite simply don’t give a fuck about passing legislation that is wildly popular if blocking it means they can screw over Democrats, nor do they care about the “long-term health of our government.” I mean, c’mon, even Amy Klobuchar recognizes that the Senate needs to eliminate the filibuster in order for the Democratic majority to get anything done!


And here’s why I find Sinema’s proclamations that she supports a higher minimum wage to be at least a little suspect—top Senate Republicans have already announced that they favor raising the minimum wage to a far lower amount, meaning that whatever happens through a “bipartisan” process will frankly suck. Congratulations on doing your part to screw over hundreds of thousands of your constituents, girl!

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What’s happening right now is unbelievable. Even recognizing how much Democrats can fuck things up, I never would have thought they could fuck up just passing one of the most popular pieces of major legislation in my lifetime (over 75% support overall, 59% OF REPUBLICANS support it) while Republicans are over there screeching about Mr. Potato Head or Dr. Seuss or the Muppets or whatever.

Here is Sinema gleefully refusing to make the lives of tens of millions of people. There is Joe Manchin, a multimillionaire who represents one of the poorest and reddest/Trumpiest states in the country, a state that desperately needs direct federal aid for any reason, in any amount, holding up this extraordinary popular relief package because he’s worried that giving people an extra $100 in unemployment benefits for a little while longer might keep them from going back to work, a stance which misunderstands both how unemployment works and how much it costs to live.

And of course, while these absolute pieces of shit work so hard to make this political gift  WORSE and LESS popular, who is going to be asked to just grin and bear all their priorities being stripped out and watered down? Progressives! People will lose their mind if this goes back to the House, with the minimum wage stripped out, eligibility for the $1,400 (NOT $2,000!) checks narrowed for absolutely no reason, unemployment benefits reduced, and AOC and company balk at supporting it the way Sinema, Manchin, and their terrible ilk are balking at supporting it now. They won’t, because they are actually way more team players than any of the “vulnerable” Senators they are constantly being asked to protect even when those Senators refuse to support wildly popular “progressive” legislation that is entirely in their political self-interest to support (you don’t have to have a Ph.D in political science to know that vulnerable politicians should support popular things).

And, likewise, when Democrats lose Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024 because they didn’t do half the (very popular) shit they promised and watered down the other (also very popular) half, who will establishment Dems (and probably half the commenters here, judging from some of the ridiculous arguments I’ve had over the past couple months blame)? Progressives and leftists for the cardinal sin of suggesting that Democrats *maybe* should have used their *total control of government* to make people’s lives better! You’ll see people throwing around meaningless shit like “circular firing squad” and “purity test” as if progressives aren’t constantly sacrificing their ideals for the “good” of the party.

We need an actual fucking viable working class party in this country.