Watch Stephen Colbert Bat John Kasich Around Like a Little Paper Doll

On Wednesday evening, John Kasich triumphantly walked onto The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s stage, his arms flailing, his feet enormous. Nobody thought he would make it to a late-night talk show, but here he was, as secretly bigoted and doofy as ever.


Kasich’s team has publicized his persona as “the guy who just wants us to get along”— which works well until one pays an ounce of attention to what he’s saying and realizes that he is basically as misogynistic and dense as anyone else in the field. Colbert, to his credit, did not let his above-the-parties shtick slide.

After Colbert congratulated him on coming in second in New Hampshire, Kasich responded with a line that was surely supposed to be delivered with more of a wink:

“You know I won in Dixville Notch, I beat Trump with 60 percent of the vote,” he said, referring to the town of 12 that votes first in the state.


“Well, you know that means three to two,” Colbert said, really callin’ Kasich’s bluff.

After absorbing a few more blows from Colbert (“I knew [who you were], they told me right before you walked on”), Kasich began peddling his campaign points, causing Colbert to read a memo from Kasich’s campaign manager about his main talking points.

“Now that I’ve said those, you can’t.”

In the last portion of the interview, Colbert hammers Kasich about his stance that a replacement for Scalia should not be nominated until a new president takes office. Kasich repeatedly changes his statement and speaks in hypotheticals, and, at one point, gets booed by the audience.


Watch the clip above.

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Man, they are so salty that Obama might get one more Justice on the SC before he leaves office. It’s fucking hilarious seeing these people who want to have the highest position of power in the country show they have no idea how the fucking Constitution actually works. I’m no law scholar but i’m pretty sure there isn’t any * next to sections of the document about Presidential powers that leads to a footnote on the bottom that says “Void if president is in final year of term and/or black”.