Watch Bernie Sanders Crash Stephen Colbert's Monologue Like a Real Democratic Socialist

On Wednesday evening’s episode of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert’s opening monologue was interrupted by the notoriously showboating winner of the New Hampshire primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders.


Sanders initially appeared to comfort Colbert—he didn’t have to do the traditional monologue before going to sit at his desk if he didn’t want to. That’s what the “elites” wants him to think.

“Stephen, you can do what you want and be responsible,” Sanders said. “You’ve got to follow your heart, go your own way. The revolution is possible. You are the revolution! And this time the revolution will literally be televised.”


Later, during a sit-down interview between the two (which inexplicably followed an interview with Ben Stiller), Colbert called Sanders out for laughing at a joke he didn’t understand (a knife to my heart), before teeing up Sanders for a solid Bill O’Reilly burn:

“Let me say something about Bill O’Reilly. Bill said, and this is a reason people might want to vote for me, Bill said if I won the presidency he would move to Ireland. So electing me president is a twofer!”

Watch the interview below:

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He’s running such an incredible grassroots campaign, its like being in 2008 again (though admittedly Obamas campaign was better and game changing) unlike Obama though Bernie has over 20 years of proof of his consistency with his messages. I'm genuinely enjoying this race.