Two Awful Blondes Allegedly Had a FaceTime

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Image: Joe Raedle / Al Bello (Getty Images)

Vine celeb turned Disney Channel star turned YouTuber turned professional troll turned boxer Jake Paul claims that he FaceTimed with former President Donald Trump within the last two weeks, a revelation that can only be met with one word: Ew?


On Tuesday, Paul posted a photo dump to Instagram with the caption “In the past two weeks I...” The post kicked off with a photo of Paul standing next to a whiteboard with a list of apparent accomplishments, including “Bieber performed at my fight,” “Sold 1.5 million PPV (top 10 ever),” “Took shots with Snoop Dogg,” and “moved to Puerto Rico.”

But topping the list: “Face-Timed Donald Trump.”

The post does, in fact, include a screenshot of what appears to be Paul and the former president and his very white teeth FaceTiming.


There’s always a chance that this could be a fake—he has certainly lied about meeting Trump before, albeit badly—but Donald Trump Jr. promoted Paul’s recent April 17 fight against MMA fighter Ben Askern, so maybe Paul is familiar within the Trump family ecosystem. Besides, Paul has shown support for President Trump in the past, so maybe Paul is somewhat familiar to the elder Trump.

Real or not, it’s hard to imagine two more insufferable people voluntarily having a conversation together!

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That list has big “we shared a stage with [insert famous band]... by which I mean we opened a festival 12 hours before they played and they weren’t even in the venue at that point” energy.