Illustration for article titled Twitter Account for Bernie Sanders Confuses the Movie iSelma/i for the Actual March on Selma

It’s no secret that Bernie Sanders has been struggling to truly connect with black voters. A tweet sent from his campaign Twitter account is a good example of why that may be.


Three problems here:

1) This image is from the movie Selma not the actual 1965 events in Selma, Alabama.

2) The image depicts the final scene of the movie, not the Bloody Sunday scene.

3) This is not a good way to convince black people that you’re knowledgable and focused on the issues that face them.


More likely than not, Bernie Sanders himself did not hit “send” on this tweet, but this is also not the first time that somebody’s Twitter fingers have resulted in a big, long “hmmmmmmmmmmmm” for ol’ Bernie.

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