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The Trump administration’s “voter fraud commission,” haphazardly barfed up amidst very real external threats to our election system, is not going particularly well. Following this bald and incredibly irresponsible attempt at wide-scale voter suppression, ACLU has sued, the Electronic Privacy Information Center has sued, Mississippi’s Republican Secretary of State told the commission to “go jump in the Gulf of Mexico,” and most other states have partially or completely declined the commission’s request for sensitive voter data. In response to legal challenges, the commission recently told states to um, actually, hold off on sending voter data, thanks!

The White House recently released public comments on the commission, and they are... good. Very good. One particularly astute response featured a link to a man pulling his butthole wide, wide open, an image popularly known as “Goatse” and a fairly on-point visual representation of Chris Kobach’s interior life.


Other comments take a more polite tack:

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