Trump's Impeachment Attorney, Bruce Castor, Once Allegedly Promised to Never Prosecute Bill Cosby

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The shitbag currently arguing that Donald Trump did not contribute to the deadly January insurrection despite the fact that it happened immediately following Trump’s rally to steal the election perhaps unsurprisingly once argued that since Bill Cosby said he didn’t rape anyone, the court should probably take him at his word and leave the man alone.


Back in 2005, when Castor was Montgomery County District Attorney, he not only declined to prosecute Cosby after Andrea Constand, a Temple University employee, accused him of drugging and raping her, but also, according to Cosby’s attorneys, once promised he would never prosecute Bill Cosby.

At the time, Castor said there was “insufficient credible and admissible evidence.” So naturally, in 2016, Cosby’s defense team then called Castor to reiterate in a hearing that he believed Andrea Constand’s behavior was to blame for the fact that her alleged rapist went unpunished for so long, despite the fact that approximately 2 billion other women had since publically told the exact same story:

“I came to the conclusion that there was no way that the case could ever improve and get better with time absent Mr. Cosby’s confession,” Mr. Castor said on the stand [according to the New York Times]. “Andrea Constand’s own actions during that year ruined her credibility as a viable witness.”

Miraculously, even the courts didn’t buy that ridiculous statement. Cosby was tried and convicted of three counts of sexual assault. Castor has since settled with Constand out of court in a defamation suit, and, of course, has now gone on to argue that Donald Trump’s actions do not ruin his credibility as a viable non-criminal.



I’m on the same page as (my imaginary BFF) Rachel Maddow...did the dog eat his fucking homework?!? Did he forget to grab his opening statement off the printer?!? 

What a bunch of gibberish.  His attempt to sound folksy and down-home fell flat.