Trump Tried and Failed to Pull His Strange Trademark Handshake on Justin Trudeau

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Image via Getty.

Esteemed president Donald J. Trump met for the first time with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday. At the meeting, Trump, video shows, tried to pull his trademark unsettling handshake on Trudeau, but ultimately failed in the “endeavour.” Here’s hoping their negotiations go better.

Trump has deployed his strange handshake—which involves him yanking the other person’s arm and shaking it for a several beats longer than expected—in public meetings with Vice President Mike Pence, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch and, most recently, on Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


Which is to say Trudeau was warned.

In video of their meeting, you can see Trump attempt the move on Trudeau and Trudeau resist the pull by pulling back until their handshake is stabilized.

They are expected to talk about strengthening U.S.-Canadian relations and are scheduled to hold a roundtable discussion on “the advancement of women entrepreneurs and business leaders,” followed by a press conference.

It’s true—Trump, who previously selected two men to advise him on women in the workplace, is currently seated at a table full of professional women and Ivanka Trump, at least pretending to listen. Truly, anything could happen.

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This is so deliciously good.

I’m sure Trump was seething. Trudeau is everything Trump wishes he was: actually attractive, well-liked, and from a family with the type of pedigree he has spent his whole life trying to convince the public he has.