Trump Thanks Blacks

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President Trump took some time out of his busy morning schedule to thank some Blacks. In a tweet, he gave Kanye West a shout out for all the great work he has done for black people this week. This great work consists of West praising a black Trump stan, showing off his MAGA hat, and noting that he and Trump share “dragon energy.” While this work is arguably not at all substantive in changing living conditions of black people, dragon energy sounds pretty fucking cool.

Trump also thanked Chance the Rapper for reminding black people that they don’t have to vote for the Democratic Party.


While black voters have long held enough agency to determine which parties and candidates to support at the ballot box—despite reductive characterizations of being stuck on the so-called Democrat plantation—it was thoughtful of Chance to drop that gentle, condescending reminder. Chance, as Trump said, “really gets it.”

Shortly after Trump’s glowing tweet, Chance made an attempt to distance himself from Trump and clarify a few things. This took two days.

Trump also made sure to remind his followers that black and “Hispanic” unemployment is at an all-time low. Black Americans continue to have a jobless rate twice that of white Americans.


As a Black, I’m really enjoying this hellish timeline and I hope it never ends.

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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Even though Democrats have been pretty bullshit at helping minorities, this perennial Republican appeal is insultingly hilarious.

“Democrats say they’ll help you, but don’t do enough! So why not join us, the party that’s honest about not giving a shit about you!”

They’ve been trying this since the Bush era. Paul Ryan famously had a speech already written in response to Hillary’s presumed victory where he chastised the Republican Party for not doing enough to reach out to minority populations. And when he heard about Trumps “victory”...he tucked that speech back into his pocket (literally) so it wouldn’t see the light of day.