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A man in Virginia yelled a Trump slogan and flung literal shit at the restaurant that turned Press Secretary Sarah Sanders away. How perfectly civil.

Local outlet ABC 13 News reports that 51-year old Reginald Scott See was charged with littering and disorderly conduct for throwing chicken poop at the Red Hen. He also screamed “Make America Great Again,” which I feel is a fitting caption for a political cartoon of a white man throwing feces at a restaurant, and that restaurant is America.


Here is a look at the piece of shit:

And here is a look at the other piece of shit:


Per ABC News, the man was among protesters who showed up with signs that read, “Homos are full of demons” and “Unless they repent Let God Burn Them (LGBT) 2 Peter 2:6.” They sound like a lovely, inclusive group of people. Meanwhile, white Democrats remain concerned that a black congresswoman urged civil disobedience in the face of violent racism. Makes total sense.