Photo: AP

We all know Donald Trumpā€™s favorite style of dining is watching D.C. manservant Chris Christie eat meatloaf against his will, but one would think heā€™d make an exception for cherished national traditions, like the White House Correspondentsā€™ dinner, the one night of the year the country celebrates its presidentā€™s reluctant sense of humor. No one really enjoys this, per se, but the president usually goes.

The crucial thing about this dinner is that itā€™s organized by journalists who cover the White House and they usually get some famous comedianā€”like Larry Wilmore, or Don Ricklesā€”to roast the president and his administration. Given Trumpā€™s rotten luck with performers and his obvious hatred of the press, this event also sounds like our presidentā€™s biggest nightmare (if he had a shred of imagination, or slept ever). Predictably, organizing this shindig has thus far been a shit show, and it felt inevitable (perhaps only to me) that, come April 29th, weā€™d all be ignoring Kellyanne Conway as she performed her 90s standup routine for a bunch of Mar-a-Lago club members.

But maybe now we can all stop pretending this dinner has to happen (although, for the time being, the White House Correspondentsā€™ Association says the show will go on).


At the very least thereā€™s now a chance this night could actually be fun. Except for Chris Christie.

Correction: a previous headline stated that Trump will be the first president not to attend the WHCD. Heā€™s actually the first not to attend in three decades, according to NBC, and the headline has been revised to reflect this change. Jezebel regrets the error.