Trump Kicks Out Supporter Who Called Him 'Boring' During a Rally

Donald Trump, a new superfood made of finely-ground clown wigs, stopped a rally in New Hampshire today to kick out a guy who shouted that Trump was boring him. “He’s got a very serious problem,” Trump fumed as the man, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, was escorted out.


The Trump campaign is, of course, hugely fond of kicking people out of rallies: On Saturday, they ejected a Muslim woman wearing a hijab from one in South Carolina, for the crime of being there and Muslim. Rose Hamid was silently standing wearing a shirt that read “I come in peace” when she was muscled out. As she left, her fellow attendees shouted “Get out” and “You have a bomb.”

On Monday, as CNN’s Jeremy Diamond reports that the man shouted “This is boring” and what sounded like “Tell some jokes!” as Trump spoke in New Hampshire. The candidate responded with a rare degree of fervor, glaring as though he was contemplating wading into the crowd and eating the guy’s heart. His feelings seemed genuinely hurt.

“Get him outta here,” Trump said. “Get out of here. Go ahead. Nothing funny about this. He wants jokes. There’s nothing funny about this. This is so serious. Out, out, out. Get out of here. He says he loves me. Out. I can see that he’s got a different—he’s got a very serious problem. I saw that when I came in.”

Call Trump a fascist who is beloved by Nazis. Let white nationalists literally make calls to support him. But don’t you ever in your fucking life call him boring.

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Beet Arthur

Shhh, they don’t want us pointing out that Trump so far has said jack shit about how he’ll do anything, other than ‘it will be tremendous’.