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Hours after Donald Trump called the caravan of people traveling together from Central America to the United States a “National Emergency,” and days after calling the asylum-seekers an “assault on our country,” CNN is reporting that the administration is planning to send up 800 troops to the Mexican border.


CNN reports that Defense Secretary James Mattis “is expected to sign deployment orders as soon as Thursday to help border patrol and prevent the caravan from entering the United States. Officials are still working out details, including whether the deployment will include active duty troops or the National Guard, but expect to send the troops by next week. The National Guard already has about 2,100 troops at the border.

From CNN:

The troops will not engage in lethal operations to stop the migrants. Instead they are expected to provide fencing, wall materials and other technical support at several key points along the border where it is believed the migrants may try to cross.

We have been here before.

Prachi Gupta is a senior reporter at Jezebel.

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