Trump Is Now 'Obsessed' With Pardons, They Are His 'Favorite Thing'

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Hell yeah!

Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today:

  • The president has learned a cool new trick! Check it out: “Trump has recently become intensely focused on his ability to grant pardons, asking his lawyers to compile a list of candidates. A White House official this week said Trump is ‘obsessed’ with pardons, describing them as the president’s new ‘favorite thing’ to talk about. He may sign a dozen or more in the next two months, this person added.” [Washington Post]
  • The White House has bravely soldiered on in its feud with the Philadelphia Eagles. [The New York Times]
  • A judge has ordered that the government of Puerto Rico must release death records to CNN and other outlets. [CNN]
  • Trump is meeting with Kim Jong Un at a resort hotel, if you can believe it. [Washington Post]
  • Welp, that’s it for Medicare, I guess! [Politico]
  • Mitch McConnell cancelled most of the Senate’s August recess so that he can continue stacking the courts with far-right wingnuts and prevent vulnerable Democratic senators up for reelection from campaigning. [Washington Post]
  • David Koch has announced his retirement. [NPR]

Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish:


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Oh and more on the US ambassador to Germany’s decision to promote the alt-right. German politicians are laying in - and my oh my they are good:

Omid Nouripour, Green delegate to the German parliament and deputy chair of the German-US parliamentary friendship group:

“The comments made by Richard Grenell give the impression that the new US ambassador still hasn’t adjusted to his new role. At least the Russians make an effort not to be seen to be meddling in other countries’ affairs. 

The US ambassador represents the American people, not just the readership of Breitbart. That’s why it is important that he conducts himself as neutrally as possible.”

Metin Hakverdi‪, Social Democrat delegate and member of the same group:

“In the past, Germany was fortunate to have had great US ambassadors who built bridges and did not do party politics...

“...As a member of the SPD, a left party with a long proud legacy of fighting, together with the United States, both Nazis and communists, I am irritated to hear from Ambassador Grenell about our allegedly failed policies. US Senator Chris Murphy said rightly that ambassadors are not supposed to ‘empower’ political parties. Ambassador Grenell is new on his post and I hope this irritation will not be repeated.”