Photo: AP

On Thursday, the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump has been asking his advisers whether he has the authority to pardon aides, family member and, mostly importantly, himself, which as we all know is something that innocent people commonly do. Trumpā€™s lawyers have also reportedly been discussing the limits of the presidentā€™s pardoning privilege among themselves.

One advisor characterized Trumpā€™s line of questioning as the expression of a simple curiosity to understand the reach of his pardoning powers, because the man we have come to admit is actually our President is also a deeply inquisitive, knowledge-thirsting person, a lover of learning and of justice. ā€œThis is not in the context of, ā€˜I canā€™t wait to pardon myself,ā€™ā€ a close advisor told the Post. Of course not, Iā€™m sure the President has been racing around Mar-a-Lago yelling ā€œI canā€™t wait to pardon myself!ā€ but in an entirely different context.

The question of a presidential self-pardon has been raised before during the Trump presidency (the really short answer is that, constitutionally, the President canā€™t grant pardons in cases of impeachment, but itā€™s never been tried either, and Trump seems like a prime candidate to pull that shit), and this time it came upā€”importantly, reportedly, from the Presidentā€™s own mouthā€”in the context of Robert Muellerā€™s Russia investigation.

I should add that the President is also a mighty, influential man, and the sole reason for the existence of this autofill:


Can pressure be negative? Uh huh.