Trump Has Been Sequestered In His Tower, Ivanka Doesn't Visit

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According to the New York Times, Donald Trump has mostly been stashed away in his phallic Manhattan hotel, Trump Tower, since Friday, “increasingly isolated and upset.”

Trump’s Saturday night plans, fear mongering and hate trolling with Paul Ryan in Wisconsin, were abruptly cancelled after a video of Trump saying of women “grab them by the pussy” was leaked, and no one wanted to hang out with him anymore.

No biggie, Trump didn’t want to go anyway, so he avoided doing debate prep instead:

“At times [Trump] was joined by his small circle of loyalists, who arrived to prepare him for Sunday night’s debate against Hillary Clinton but instead spent much of the time trying to figure out how to undo the damage wrought by the surfacing of an 11-year-old video recording on which he can be heard gleefully describing pushing himself on women and sexually assaulting them.”


Trump spoke sporadically to reporters too, “but lacked his usual gusto,” the Times reports.

Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, visited him in his tower on Saturday, but Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump, did not. That same day, CNN released audio of Trump telling Howard Stern that his eldest daughter is “voluptuous” and that Stern can go right ahead and call her a “piece of ass.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have also spoken to Trump, according to the Washington Post’s anonymous Republican source. Apparently the two told Trump that he’d “have to apologize for the first time in [his] life.” Whether due to shamelessness or wanting to fuck with Christie, Trump did not do that.

In conclusion, Trump’s properties have once again managed to squeeze free publicity from his violent idiocy. Trump Tower may hereafter be known as the detestation to weather a political mutiny, to unwind when everyone hates you, and to tweet on the toilet.

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In the event Trump dues implode at some point (I don’t think this is it), please remember Pence is just as dangerous.

Worse, he’s already in politics doing terrible things with what power he has.