Trump Family to Spotlight Anti-Trump Family Bias at State of the Union

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The White House has released the list of guests the president and first lady will trot out during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, and as usual they are meant to signal something about the speech itself and the president’s agenda for the coming year.


According to the White House’s list, the guests include survivors of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, an opioid abuse survivor, and Alice Johnson, who received clemency last year after serving 21 years of a lifetime sentence for a drug offense. Also: a random sixth-grader who shares the Trump name.

Because the Trump administration does not legitimately care about mass incarceration, the opioid crisis, or anti-Semitic violence, let us focus our attention on the sixth-grader, who seems to be attending as proxy for the beleaguered Trump family?


The White House said that the sixth grader was being bullied at school for having the last name Trump, but “he is thankful to the first lady and the Trump family for their support.”

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Does this kid really think he’s going to be less bullied by associating with the actual Trump family?